My Story

After more than 22 years helping launch and build global fashion brands, I wanted a brand of my own and so Lounge and Cloth was born. Stunning crafted cashmere, accessories and botanicals sourced from secret corners around the world. However, the void I thought was not having brand of my own, was in fact, the void that resulted from 5 years of miscarriages and failed fertility treatments. The journey had created a longing that shadowed my everyday without realising it.

And then, my miracle baby happened and I feel a completeness and an appreciation for trusting the world again. And so, Lounge and Cloth hasten on a new chapter focusing on the Botanicals that got me through this hard time; lifted my spirits, nurtured my soul and calmed my heart. They embody all that I now feel...

“As women, we will always want to give others more than we give ourselves. We should never forget to make ourselves feel beautiful and this will result in the worlds we create around us being beautiful.”