Inspired by the beauty of botanicals and their wellbeing benefits, make your everyday a nurturing day.




Calming, relaxing, balancing and restores ones sense of self.
Made from pure essential lavender oil. 



Nurturing, rejuvenating &  harmonising. Helping with rebalancing your emotions and hormones by enhancing
your mood.
Made from pure essential oils of rose and geranium.



Stimulating, uplifting and empowering. With essential oils of
lemon and tea tree. Awaken can also be used for its cleansing
benefits and is a natural repellent to insects, including mosquitos. 



Energising, stimulating, emotionally strengthening. Made from
the essential oils of neroli citrus, mandarin, lavender & rosemary.
A 'must have' for any woman and perfect gift to those around
you that deserve a lift.




Warming, rebalancing and strengthening. 
Helping combat stress, anxiety and improve heart circulation. Made from pure essential oils of orange, cinnamon and clove.



A wonderful selection of Cloches and lids to compliment your
favourite candles