• Helen Dean Sep 10, 2019

    A New Chapter...

    When what feels important can change...   Some of you may or may not know that at the heart of launching Lounge and Cloth was to fill a void. After 22 years of helping other brands succeed I wanted a brand of my own, at least I thought that was the void... I now know that a huge part of the empty feeling was the longing for another child. I...


  • Helen Dean Nov 14, 2018

    Delight in Hibernation

    Kindly 'saying no'...  I’ve always been a YES person, in spite of headlining every New Year’s resolution list with “learning to say NO guilt-free”!  I’m relishing in the special bubble of a new born baby at the moment. The combination of sheer exhaustion, permanently in pj-mode and the constant needs of a little person forces me to have to say NO.   And wow, it feels good. It’s not that I...


  • Helen Dean Jul 11, 2018

    Be The Best You Can Be

    We are already half way through 2018. If someone had told me this time last year I would be abstaining from my daily, and very much enjoyed, glass of bubbles, my oh-too-many black coffees, and a ridiculous diet of nothingness.....I would not have believed I had the inner strength to change. We all have inner conversations with ourselves that most never hear. Although we know, there is always someone in...


  • Helen Dean May 10, 2018

    Allow Your Best Self To Flourish

    Spring and early Summer are all about newness; new flowers budding, new animals being born, new hours of extra light in our days. So much positivity and growth surmises itself perfectly in a month which is about ‘mental health awareness’. We are well into a new year now, but are we still remembering to look after ourselves? There is so much flourishing in nature at this time, so much being...


  • Helen Dean Mar 08, 2018

    Celebrate How Much We Do For Others

    Let's Celebrate How Much We Do For Others  To me, Mother's Day is about taking a pause and reminding myself just how much my Mother has done, and continues to do, for me everyday. It's not that I don't appreciate her all of the time; in today's busy-bee lifestyle I do like to be reminded and, I know she loves to hear it. I am not quite there with my...