• Helen Dean Feb 14, 2018

    Happy Valentine's Day

    Let's Celebrate Loving Ourselves In spite of being married for nearly 10 years, my husband and I have never really celebrated Valentines Day, no particular reason, I guess its just not our thing. Very recently however someone (very dear to me) suggested to me that it could be a day to celebrate loving ourselves. Sadly I still feel for all the mindfulness, journaling and consciousness of its importance, we still...


  • Helen Dean Oct 20, 2017

    Why I Love Autumn

    One of my favourite pastimes even as a child is creating mood boards, old school style, I can lose hours on the floor trawling through magazine tears collected over the years and carefully curating them onto my board. I loved creating this seasons collection which to me encompasses all of the delicious smells, tastes, textures and feelings of Autumn.                      Try our...


  • Michelle Baartz Jul 20, 2017

    A space of your own

    Having your own space –where you can think, dream, ponder, plan and create, or just be- is essential in our fast paced world. It could be as simple as a chair by the window that’s yours ... Slow your breathing down, take in your deepest breath of the day. Perhaps light a candle or inhale an uplifting aroma. Indulge in a tea ritual – take pleasure in brewing your own...


  • Michelle Baartz May 15, 2017

    Make everyday beautiful

    With every year that passes, I feel excitement. I am ready for more not less; more mountains to climb, fears to conquer, expectations of myself to exceed and so much  love still to give. I am fortunate to be surrounded by incredibly inspiring women, a network of support that makes me believe I can be, or do, anything; but at the same time, be proud of what I am today, not...