Feb 14, 2018

Let's Celebrate Loving Ourselves

In spite of being married for nearly 10 years, my husband and I have never really celebrated Valentines Day, no particular reason, I guess its just not our thing. Very recently however someone (very dear to me) suggested to me that it could be a day to celebrate loving ourselves. Sadly I still feel for all the mindfulness, journaling and consciousness of its importance, we still very rarely invest that time in nourishing ourselves, our souls and acknowledging that we need to love ourselves as much as we love those around us.

Recent events have made me really appreciate more than ever the importance of this. From several very painful miscarriages to a breast cancer scare last year, my appreciation for the courage, strength and determination of womankind to pull through these hardships and turn them into positives, so willing to share their own painful stories and ways in which they have coped through them, so ready to be there for you, even if you are a stranger has been simply, overwhelming.

For this reason, this Springs’ new scent Bloom is Inspired by amazing women everyday reminding us that we are important and deserve to celebrate loving ourselves. Made from pure essential oils of Rose and Geranium, Bloom is nurturing, rejuvenating and harmonising.

Wishing you a very Happy Valentines Day Celebrating You!


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Inspired by the beauty of botanicals and their wellbeing benefits,
Bloom’s Essential Oils are nurturing, rejuvenating &  harmonising. 
Helping with rebalancing your emotions and hormones by enhancing
your mood.
Made from pure essential oils of rose and geranium.