May 10, 2018

Spring and early Summer are all about newness; new flowers budding, new animals being born, new hours of extra light in our days. So much positivity and growth surmises itself perfectly in a month which is about ‘mental health awareness’.

We are well into a new year now, but are we still remembering to look after ourselves? There is so much flourishing in nature at this time, so much being nurtured, yet are we allowing our best selves to flourish?
After much heart ache and false hope, our little family is enjoying the most unexpected new news of welcoming a new pregnancy to our world, a new sibling to our beautiful daughter Anya-Bee. It has taught me that whilst living more in the moment, the most unexpected and most wonderful of things can happen. After years of forcing nature’s hand and finally coming to rest with the idea it was not meant to be, nature took over. 
I have always been a planner, and an organiser, and through my planning and organising I felt I was being the best I could be for all those around me, including me. What I have come to realise is ‘just being’ in the moment is enough. 
With so much beauty around us at this time of year, take the time to ‘just be’.

                                        Invest In Yourself                                    

Inspired by the beauty of botanicals and their wellbeing benefits, Balance's essential oils are calming, relaxing & balancing. Bringing peace, tranquility and comfort, it helps quiet a busy mind, relaxes, soothes and comforts.



                     Elevate Your Everyday

Burning or diffusing natural essential oils can be both uplifting and balancing. Natural oils and the way in which they are blended add true benefits to your wellbeing. They should be an everyday affordable luxury.