May 15, 2017

With every year that passes, I feel excitement. I am ready for more not less; more mountains to climb, fears to conquer, expectations of myself to exceed and so much  love still to give. 

I am fortunate to be surrounded by incredibly inspiring women, a network of support that makes me believe I can be, or do, anything; but at the same time, be proud of what I am today, not tomorrow.

Together, we continue to give energy, passion and inspiration to our worlds and those around us. Perhaps though, we forget, somewhere along the way, to look after and invest in ourselves.

Lounge and Cloth, for me, is simply, curated and collected discoveries made by amazing women for amazing women.

A candle that makes bath time, me time.

A statement accessory that elevates any look.

A journal that allows us to acknowledge our accomplishments or record our gratitude each day.

"Make your today beautiful."