Jul 20, 2017

Having your own space –where you can think, dream, ponder, plan and create, or just be- is essential in our fast paced world. It could be as simple as a chair by the window that’s yours ... Slow your breathing down, take in your deepest breath of the day.

Perhaps light a candle or inhale an uplifting aroma.

Indulge in a tea ritual – take pleasure in brewing your own tea leaves - from locally grown, to artisan exotic blends such as lemongrass, ginger and rose petals.

And on those days when you can’t even make bath time, me time, for a quick reboot put a few drops of uplifting pure essential oils like eucalyptus and lavender in a hot steamy shower.

My picks for these longer summer days and creating a space of your own;

       - Wild Fresh Flowers and foliage

       - Candle Burning with uplifting & balancing aromas

       - Making the smallest ritual your own