Oct 20, 2017
One of my favourite pastimes even as a child is creating mood boards, old school style, I can lose hours on the floor trawling through magazine tears collected over the years and carefully curating them onto my board. I loved creating this seasons collection which to me encompasses all of the delicious smells, tastes, textures and feelings of Autumn.
Try our new aroma Hibernate, inspired by spiced hot chocolates, pumpkin carving and apple trees. Made from essential oils of cinnamon, orange and clove.
At this time of year, I am in love with Capes, Scarves, Ponchos and Pom Pom Hats in sumptuous hues and luxurious cashmere blends. To me they encompass that feeling of cocooning oneself on these now crisper autumn days. They are also a perfect travel companion for any weekend escape.
Its also the time of year we start to think about the forthcoming festive season. From inspirational gift cards to our signature gift wrapping. We can personalise your gifts for loved ones and those that you want to say thank you to as the year comes to a close. Use 'bebeautiful' at checkout & enjoy your VIP discount.