Sep 10, 2019

When what feels important can change...


Some of you may or may not know that at the heart of launching Lounge and Cloth was to fill a void. After 22 years of helping other brands succeed I wanted a brand of my own, at least I thought that was the void... I now know that a huge part of the empty feeling was the longing for another child. I love  my daughter to the moon and back and didn't think I had space to love another little person as much but on losing a baby  from an unplanned pregnancy, it created a real longing for another one. Then, when we lost a further 3 babies, what hadn't been important in my life plan became a longing that shadowed my everyday without me truly realising it. 

Now, in his 11 month, I do feel a completeness and appreciation for trusting the world again. And the need for my own brand no longer feels so important. What I have loved in this journey is inspiring more entrepreneurial brands to believe in themselves, bringing together amazing women and celebrating the importance of customers and their need to feel loved. Lounge and Cloth will still continue to host events and seek out and share with you amazing brands from fashion and interiors to grazing tables and running your own business work shops.. 

But from today the website will no longer sell product, rather update you with up and coming events and showcase beautiful  brands I have to discovered and want to share with you all.

The product that is there until the 30 Sept will all be 50% off, please email with your orders.

Looking forward to sharing a new chapter with you all.